What is pirates versus ninjas?

Pirates vs. ninjas is the long-standing debate over who the victor would be in a fight between pirates and ninjas. For many it’s a new concept, but in some circles the argument has been brewing for decades. The argument was kept cloistered amongst friends in the beginning, but with the invention of the internet the debate has been turned loose on an unsuspecting populace. Search engines will often return over a quarter-million sites referencing pirates vs. ninjas.

Pirates vs. ninjas got its start in Sydney, Australia in 1965. There was a Japanese TV show called The Samurai that started a ninja craze Down Under when it was broadcast. A bunch of kids dressed as ninjas came to see the star of the show in a stage performance and some older boys came around making fun of them. One of the comments was about how pirates could defeat them and the older boys found it amusing enough to talk about it often. One of those boys was studying at UCLA a few years later, and the comment made its way into history by catching the attention of a computer technician who made it the first message sent across the Arpanet (predecessor of the Internet). That planted the seed in the US and when our Ninjamania hit in the 1980s the question sprouted and has been growing ever since.

If pirates and ninjas fought, who would win?

The old question has been around since the 1960s, but for the past five years it has been making its way into the mainstream. Pirates vs. ninjas is characterized by over the top debates as people discuss swashbuckling moves versus martial arts action, corsairs cannonballing ninjutsu clans, ninjas poisoning rum, the robust life of piracy and shinobi stealth. The feud has taken hold of comic book fans, role-players, anime and manga fans, video gamers, sci-fi and fantasy crowds, and it’s battling its way into the popular mindset. PiratesVersusNinjas.net is the home of the pirates vs. ninjas debate. We sell an assortment of goods related to the theme including pirates versus ninjas t-shirts, pirate t-shirts, ninja t-shirts, bandanas, dice, cards, pirate DVDs, ninja DVDs, and more. However, as the premiere pirates vs. ninjas website we also have the history of pirates vs. ninjas, lists of famous ninjas, pirate lairs, pirate drinks, pirates vs. ninjas links, ways to celebrate pirates vs. ninjas, and a pirates vs. ninjas calendar.

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